In Orris country

HISTORY trek to outstanding sites of interest

Étang de Lers - Courtal de Peyre Auselere - Lamarda Site - Les Plagnols

* independently or with an organised bivouac
tipi bivouac at the huts village* 3-6 day trek with option of Goutets summer pastures
* moderate difficulty, 3-6 hours walking per day
* altitude 800 - 1600 m; IGN map 2047 ET

Travel back in time on the orris hamlets route!

A stunning circuit of the Le Port valley up to Étang de Lers and the Col de Rose, passing through the most beautiful orris sites of the area (former villages of small dry stone cabins).
‘The Butter Route’ is a path linking the different ‘Bourdaous’ (high mountain summer pasture settlements), restored by international work parties and local residents.

Guaranteed relaxation!

Organised bivouac for groups of 5 or more people with full board. 

former summer pastures village - heritage trekÉtang de Lers - mountain lakeremarkable Lamarda site

ÉTANG de LERS – A Natura 2000 protected site

The lake is known for its:

  • rare rock, lherzolite, from the mantle 50km below the earth’s surface.
  • exceptional flora and fauna: Bispou valley, Estagnon peat bog, Pyrenean desman.
  • pastoralism from the middle ages up to today…
    During the four summer months, horses, sheep and nearly 500 cows graze freely across the summer pasturelands.

Activities at the lake during the donkey trek:

  • trout fishing
  • an educative ‘flora and fauna’ route made by local school children and the mairie of Le Port
  • permanent orienteering circuit
  • walks to the Bispou valley or Col de Dret

 OPTION    Goutets summer pastures   for 1 or 2 days


nature and mountain trek - Plagnols site