"Paths of the Béas Mount" - the new tour since 2015!!

The Barns of Cominac - The Béas Mount - Etang de Lers - Lamarda Site

the Béas Mount Massif in the Pyrenees
MOUNTAIN Trek with super Panoramas

  • 5 days + Goutets option of 1 or 2 days
  • in tent with half board or full board or with lodging (subject to availability)
  • moderate difficulty for accustomed hikers;
    from 4 to 6 hours of walking per day
  • altitude 600 - 1600 m ;
    IGN maps 2047 ET and 2048 OT

Itinerary in tent or in homestay accomodation (tipi, rooms) with a stop-off in organised bivouac (trekking hut or tipi)

Discover our very varied Top-tour in landscapes, lodgings and meetings.
From the beautiful Massat valley you pass on the southern slope of the Garbet valley, where you can admire the famous Barns of Cominac as well as the panoramic view over the frontier chain and the massif of the Valier Mount, king of Couserans. At a long ears pace, you come close to the impressive Béas Mount and after a rough climb to the pass you catch sight of the Étang de Lers, a Natura 2000 protected site.
By way of the remarkable summer pastures hamlets Lamarda and Plagnols, characterised by an original architecture in drywall, you arrive in our favorite mountain area, the massif of the Trois Seigneurs Peak. You may add one or two trekking days for visiting the nice villages of the Goutets Summer Pastures.

panorama trek with donkey or horsewith the donkeys at early morning on the crest

Trek upto 9 days on this large itinerary by visiting the Goutets summer pastures!
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Organised bivouac on the Lamarda Site: Your meals from the Balad'âne farm are delivered in the evening on the Lamarda site. You can sleep in the hut with the thatched roof or in a great orri, recently restored by international volunteering projects.
If you prefer the trekking tipi, you shouldn't hesitate to ask us.

This trek is a mountain tour for accustomed hikers and chidren, who are able to walk 1-2h without mounting the donkeys. It is essential to be able to read the markings and to stay on the marked paths particularly in case of fog and bad weather.
Equip yourself properly and make sure you have bicycle or horse helmets for your children.
The children ride the donkeys under the responsibility of parents.

Day 1: Farm camping at Biert  L'Azaigouat
Day 2: Stopover gite at Cominac  La Comté
Day 3: Rooms and Table d'hôte at the  Ferme de Montbéas
Day 4: Organised bivouac at the Lamarda Site
Day 5: Back to the Balad'âne Farm


overlooking the PyreneesEtang de Lers in Ariegethe Col de Rose fountain

Personalised quotes are available on request