Massat Countryside Tour

Nature hike, adventure with packsaddle donkeys in Ariege, Midi-Pyrenees

Etang de Lers trek in the Pyrenees
* from 4 to 10 days

* in full autonomy or mixed
* moderate difficulty for accustomed hikers, from 4 to 6 hours of walking per day
* altitude 600 - 1600 m ; IGN maps 2047 ET et 2048 OT

Bivouac in autonomy and in Homestay accomodation
(great refitted tents, rooms, your tents)

With the DONKEYS discover the Massat District some other way!!
In the depths of the Pyrenees of Ariege, Massat is located between the Trois Seigneurs Massif and the Arize; delimited by its five main passes, the district is made up of six villages. From the typical hamlets in the valleys, to the crests with magnificent views over the Pyrenees range, up to the most remarkable sites such as the Étang de Lers, the Goutets Summer Pastures and Lamarda you can admire a green, wild, preserved and authentic land.

trek with donkeys on the crestswith the donkeys in the fog on the creststrek with view of the Valier Mount

Trek up to 10 days on this great itinerary or in two parts of 5-6 days!
Choose your route and your personal services!

  • Crest of the Arize – available in half or full board, with a night in autonomy or organised bivouac
  • Tuc de la Coume with the Etang de Lers - in autonomy with ability of half or full board on first evening

+Option Goutets Summer Pastures in 1-2 days

Organised bivouac starting from 5 persons in full board


Goutets hamlets to the Goulur summer pasturestortoise hut of the Trois Seigneurs Peakthe IGN map is important!

Personalised quotes are available on request