Where are we?

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Ariège France

In Ariege

  • Balad'âneat 135 km from Toulouse
  • at 28 km from Saint Girons
  • at 7 km from Massat
  • at 55 km from Foix
  • at 42 km from Tarascon sur Ariège

Way from Toulouse

  • Motorway A64 towards Tarbes
  • Exit n°20, towards Saint Martory
  • D117, towards Saint Girons
  • D618, towards Massat
  • at the church square in Massat, D18, towards Le Port (étang de Lers)
  • at Le Port, to the left, D818, towards Arac (follow the Balad'âne panels)
  • 1 km after Arac, turn left to Salbis